The provincial government has heard from more Island groups about what they feel is important in the upcoming budget.

In it's pre-budget presentation, the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island called for more money for tourism marketing.

"In Prince Edward Island if we continue to take away the marketing ... and going every year it seems to be two to three per cent is reduced of our marketing budget and we just can't continue like that," said Kevin Mouflier, the chief executive officer of TIAPEI. "It's not acceptable. So that was a really strong message."

The association is also calling for an increase in the Basic Personal Tax Exemption, and does not support an increase in the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Hungry kids

Child poverty should be tackled before education reorganization, says the Council of Canadians. (CBC)

The Council of Canadians told the finance minister they are concerned about money going into the restructuring of education on P.E.I.

Leo Broderick, vice-chair of the group, made its pre-budget presentation on Feb. 18 in Summerside.

Reducing poverty

He said that education money should be put into reducing poverty instead.

"The entire emphasis is on increasing test scores and if we still have very poor children, very poor families, test scores will not improve in the province," said Broderick.

"We also raised the issue of needing a substantial amount of money in the province to deal with the elimination of nitrates both in private wells and municipal water systems."

Broderick said the council also asked that the minimum wage be increased to $15 an hour by 2017, and that there be no public service layoffs or cuts to employees' benefits.

He said the council also made the case that there should be no increase in the HST, calling it a regressive tax that hurts those who can't afford it the most.