Charlottetown police are asking the public for help after an armed robbery Tuesday night.

Gary McGuigan -custom

The brick-wielding robber is considered dangerous, says deputy chief Gary McGuigan. (CBC)

The incident took place just before midnight Tuesday at the Circle K Irving on Riverside Drive. A man wearing dark clothing and a bandana on his face entered the store and demanded cash. He carried a brick in his right hand.

Police say he took off down on a side street on a blue or black bicycle.

"He's looking at a charge of armed robbery," said deputy chief Gary McGuigan.

"We don't know if this person has a criminal record, but we would consider him dangerous just based on what he has done."

The man is described five foot, eleven inches tall with a slim build. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime stoppers or Charlottetown police.

Police have posted a security video on their web site.