Cornwall has brought in a new policy to ensure children are safe when using inflatable structures or slides at town events.

Coun. Corey Frizzell, chair of parks and recreation, said inflatables are always popular with the kids, but he saw a recent study that outlined possible safety concerns if they're not properly supervised. The study also outlines ways to protect against injuries or falls.

The town has adopted seven practices that must be followed at municipal events, including having at least two staff members watching at all times.

"Whenever there is an inflatable up, we'll have one person taking the children into the inflatable and then we'll have another person supervising the children once they're in there. So they'll be standing on the outside watching them and giving the kids direction," said Frizzell.

"There was six other recommendations, like don't overload the inflatables with too many children, not to have heavy or high energy pre-teens jumping in the bouncy castles at the same time as toddlers, monitor the riders behaviour closely. So it's pretty basic stuff."

Frizzell said the Parks and Recreation committee agreed to support the new practices, which are effective immediately.