A $10,000 P.E.I. book publisher subsidy will not be restored again, says the province.

A campaign is trying to convince the P.E.I. government to bring back the subsidy that was cancelled, restored and cancelled again all in the past three years.

But this time, Minister of Tourism and Culture Robert Henderson said he stands firm.

The grant, which was cut in last year's provincial budget, won't be reinstated when the new budget is unveiled in the spring.

"Our department felt that this particular program was really only having use by one particular business. We didn't feel that it was appropriate to be subsidizing one particular business," said Henderson.

"We feel that there are other ways to help support writers in this province, and we do that through the PEI Council of the Arts."

Acorn Press has been awarded the grant in the past. The company is saying, not for the first time, it may have to relocate if the subsidy isn't reinstated.

P.E.I. is the only province without a program to support local publishers, the company said.