A watershed group in central P.E.I. is testing the water near Bluefield High School because it is not happy with answers it is getting from the provincial Environment Department.

Megan Harris - Custom

The West River Watershed Group is not getting the answers it wants from the Environment Department, says Megan Harris. (CBC)

After treatment in a local lagoon, sewage from Bluefield High School flows into a stream of the West River. Megan Harris, co-ordinator of the West River Watershed Group, is concerned about contamination in the river system.

"The Environment Department does some monitoring, but we weren't able to get really good information about how frequently it was monitored," said Harris.

The group has decided to do its own testing, and has received funding from the Kingston community council.

The province says there's no reason for concern.

"We do have a sampling point down quite farther from that," said Morley Foy, who oversees wastewater facilities for the province.

"Those indicators, these are long-term sampling sites, the data that we collect. And the numbers as far as we're seeing there are very good."

The watershed group is also worried that the lagoon isn't discharging treated waste right now. Harris is concerned that could mean the lagoon is not functioning as it should.

Foy said the treated sewage may simply have evaporated over the summer, but said the department  will be investigating to make sure the lagoon is still in full working order.