Two blue lobsters recently caught in the waters off Prince Edward Island have been named Will and Kate in honour of the upcoming Royal visit.

Norm Peters, known as the "Bearded Skipper," said the idea to name the lobsters after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came from a tourist from Philadelphia.

"Well, I said, 'What an idea.' They are both females. This is it, they are both females, but Kate and William will have to just go along with that," he said.

Peters said the royal lobsters, which are now in a touch tank at the fisheries museum in North Rustico, are causing quite a stir.

If people don't get a chance to see the real Royals when they come to the Island, he said, then they are more than welcome to drop by and see the aquatic blue bloods.

An electric blue lobster was pulled out of the waters off P.E.I.'s North Shore on June 2.

A half blue, half orange lobster was brought up around the same time.

Those are the two now in the museum.`

Two weeks later, a huge light blue lobster, weighing close to to seven pounds, was hauled up by a fisherman.

Only about one in four million lobsters is blue. The colour is caused by a genetic mutation.