Mark DeMontis rollerblading on a Nova Scotia highway in support of Blind Hockey. (Courage Canada)

Mark DeMontis is rollerblading from Halifax to Toronto to raise money for programs to help visually impaired people learn to play a new kind of hockey.

DeMontis, who is visually impaired himself, founded Courage Canada to promote the sport of blind hockey. The sport is just like traditional hockey, but the puck makes a noise players follow.

"This is hockey and this is Canada and this is our nation's game," he said.

"There are so many youth who are blind and visually-impaired in communities across the country who would do anything to play the game of hockey or learn how to skate. But there's no opportunities," said DeMontis.


On a non-travelling day, Mark DeMontis and Courage Canada VP Cameron Williams play some blind hockey on a Charlottetown street. (CBC)

DeMontis's skate started at Pier 21 Aug. 13, and will end at Weston Lions Arena in Toronto Oct. 15. On Friday he was skating through Prince Edward Island. He's scheduled to roll into New Brunswick on Sunday.