Officials with the Superstore in Summerside, P.E.I. are taking steps to deal with some small birds that have been flying around a section of the store.

They caused quite a shock for Cathy Walsh-Parsons and her daughter Wednesday while they were trying to do some shopping.

"We went to the deli, and my daughter and I were just standing there talking to the young fellow, and my daughter said please tell me that wasn't a bird that just flew by," said Walsh-Parsons.

"I came home and phoned the Department of Health and told them that there's been birds flying around the Superstore."

Mark Boudreau, director of corporate affairs for Loblaws in the Atlantic region, confirmed a few small birds have been seen flying around a section of the store that has a drop ceiling.

Boudreau said the store manager has been in contact with a local company to ensure the birds are removed. In the meantime, the store has made efforts to protect the food and preparation areas.

All food contact equipment will be covered overnight with plastic, and all food contact surfaces fully cleaned and sanitized.

P.E.I. environmental health officials have been notified, and they are satisfied with the way the situation is being managed.