BioVectra is appealing a decision by  Charlottetown City council to issue building permits for three more apartment buildings on Nicholas Lane.

That's next to the  chemical company's plant. There's already an apartment building there.

The company argued against that building. But the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission ruled against BioVectra’s  in that case.

Now it again says it is concerned about safety.

Ron Keefe, the president of BioVectra, said this time there are two key issues.

"Even though IRAC decided against us the first time around, they made it quite clear in the decision that the city did not properly assess public safety," Keefe said.

"And in fact, in addition to that, they are allowing access on to an arterial highway which is a provincial highway… without any real study on that."

The IRAC has set aside three days for the hearings starting Monday.

BioVectra Inc. manufactures pharmaceuticals and  works with hazardous chemicals and other dangerous materials In 2010  it said  the apartments are too close to its operation, and residents in the buildings would be in danger is there ever was an explosion or fire at the plant.

The city argued the land is zoned residential and the building meets the national building and fire codes.

In its ruling, IRAC said it had little choice to approve the development, but it did express concerns about the location near the chemical plant.