A Charlottetown senior says locks aren't enough to keep thieves away from his bicycles and he's asking the province for help.           

Karl MacKeeman, 66, has lost three bikes over the past three years. The first two were stolen at a private building in downtown Charlottetown, and one disappeared last week at Champion Court which is the provincially run seniors home where MacKeeman lives.    

"I only had the bike out three or four days before it got stolen."

He wants the province to put up a secure shed at his building for bike storage.

Karl MacKeeman

Charlottetown senior Karl MacKeeman would like a secure shed for bike storage at the provincial senior citizen building where he lives. (CBC)

He says losing the bike takes away his freedom to get around on his own.

"People don't realize downtown, you're kind of isolated from grocery stores and there's no shop on every corner like there used to be."

It's often a crime of opportunity, says Charlottetown Police Const. Ron Kennedy.

"Where people would walk by and see a bike at the front of a residence and they would pick up the bike and use it to get from point A to B and just abandon the bike."

Using a lock is the best way to prevent theft, says Kennedy.

MacKeeman says his bikes were locked.