A P.E.I. mother who lost her 14-year-old son in a cycling accident hopes to send a message this weekend about the importance of wearing helmets.

Five years ago, Tracy Perry's son Jordan, then 12, fell from his bicycle and suffered a serious head injury near his home in Tignish.

His family still doesn't know exactly what happened, but they know he wasn't wearing his helmet.


Jordan Perry suffered a serious head injury after falling off his bike. (submitted by Tracy Perry)

Jordan lived for nearly two years with limited mobility before dying at Prince County Hospital.

On Saturday, Perry will tell Jordan's story to cyclists who have been ticketed in Charlottetown for not wearing a helmet.

"Just one little bump on the head can have you end up like what happened to Jordan. This can be you someday, in a wheelchair, having someone feed you, change you every day, and not being able to talk," said Perry.

"We really have to get it pushed out there that helmets have to be put out."

Perry says she is seeing more young people wearing helmets, but too many parents still aren't leading by example.

Charlottetown police issued 114 tickets to cyclists this summer. People can avoid a $175 fine by attending an educational session called Noggin Knowledge.

The helmet education session will be held tomorrow at Murphy's Community Centre, starting at 9 a.m.