A woman who lost control of her bike on a Charlottetown street on Sunday after hitting grit left over from the winter was more seriously injured than was first reported.

Police told CBC News Monday the woman suffered minor injuries.

As of Friday morning, the 37-year-old is still in hospital recovering from a dislocated shoulder, a concussion and a small brain bleed that's affecting the use of one of her legs. Doctors expect her to make a full recovery, but it could take a month.

The woman lost control of her thin-wheeled bike when it went into a large area of inch thick compact sand on the shoulder of North River Road.

Paul Johnston, Charlottetown's manager of public works, said major routes were the priority when street sweeping started more than a week before the accident.

Operations have been expanded this year. For this first time the city's two sweepers were running 16-hours a day instead of eight at the start of clean-up. Johnston doesn't know why there was still thick sand on North River Road.

"We continue to evaluate what we're doing and, you know, we'll take it into consideration for developing or tweaking the program next year," said Johnston.

"Nobody wants an accident to occur. If any of the work we did already mitigated possible other accidents, we don't know about that."

The family of the injured woman said they do not intend to take any action against the city.