A new French language wing at the Summerset Manor seniors' residence in Summerside is expected to improve the health of residents there while it also makes them feel more at home.

The P.E.I. French Language Health Services Network and Health PEI have been working together to improve French services in the Island's health system. Network spokeswoman Elise Arsenault said providing services in French is not just about making people more comfortable.

Gayle Lamont

The French language wing helps residents feel they are part of a community, says Summerset Manor administrator Gayle Lamont. (CBC)

"There's been national studies that show that people will follow their prescriptions, or they'll do more preventive work and those types of things, and they'll use the ER less often," said Arsenault.

"There are definite advantages."

The national French Language Health Services Network chose Summerside Tuesday for the release of a report on improvements made in providing health services in French in P.E.I. and Manitoba. While studies show there are real health outcomes, it has also made Summerset Manor resident Zelica Arsenault happier.

"Almost a copy of being home," she said.

"The best idea ever, that French would be recognized more than it used to."

"Helps us to really make this feel like more of a community, more of an extension of where they grew up all their lives, so it's more of a home," added Summerset Manor administrator Gayle Lamont.

The French Health Services Network is continuing to work with Health PEI to improve French Language services in other parts of the Island.