A P.E.I.'s man's website celebrating Basin Head crashed after traffic skyrocketed when the beach was named best in Canada.

Last week the Canadian travel site vacay.ca put the eastern shore beach at the top of its list. In under two days, 10,000 people checked out Wallace Rose's site. The Fortune, P.E.I. man created the page seven years ago in honour of his favourite childhood beach.


The Basin Head web site is back up and piling up page views. (Wallace Rose)

"When you type in Basin Head or Basin Head Beach in Google or Yahoo or Bing I'm in the number one spot, so obviously people would actually click on that," said Rose.

"My site crashed because I didn't have a lot of bandwidth. I was quite happy about the fact, to be honest with you."

Rose has expanded the bandwidth for the page, which is now back up, and page views are still climbing.

He's thrilled the beach was picked, considering all the great places to choose from in Canada.