A family of four visiting P.E.I. from Quebec was lucky to escape injury when a tree fell on their car as they were driving down the highway, say RCMP.

The family was driving along Route 16 in the eastern end of the province, near Priest Pond. The driver saw the tree starting to fall but was unable to avoid it. The vehicle sustained significant damage to the roof, windshield, and to a cargo box that was mounted on the roof. There were four people in the car — a couple in the front seats and a one- and a two-year-old in the back — but none were injured.

Paula Chaisson told CBC News Tuesday the family is suffering no ill effects from the accident.

"I can't say it's one of those things that happens, because it doesn't," said Chaisson, laughing.

"But it happened and there's not much you can do about it. But it's just funny, for us it's just funny. It's going to be a joke for years."

An examination of the trunk of the tree that had fallen found that it had been gnawed just about all of the way through by a beaver. Several other large trees in the area that were still standing had similar damage. Chaisson said a crew was at work taking down the other damaged trees before they left the scene.

"The beaver is still at large," said RCMP in a news release.