Bay Fortune map

As of the end of June Bay Fortune will get its name back, and be more than just a spot on the map. (Google Maps)

Bay Fortune will regain its civic community status by the end of the month.

For the past 14 years the community has been marked as Eglington, since the province established the 911 emergency response system. But the name has been restored after a year of discussions between community members and the provincial government.

Wallace Rose, director of the Fortune Community Centre, was one of the community members fighting to get the name back.

"If you say to somebody 'I live in Bay Fortune, come visit me sometime,' and all of a sudden they come to visit you and they see the sign Eglington, that makes a difference," said Rose.

"People who live there have a lot of pride in the area. It's a beautiful area. It has some beaches, it has a harbour, it has a beautiful river and a bay, and people just have a lot of pride in the area. And to have the name Bay Fortune back, I think, it's very important to everybody involved.

New signs will be put around the community the last week of June.