A group of residents who live near Mudrooters Motocross Park in Desable, west of Charlottetown, are trying a new approach to getting the business shut down.


MLA Valerie Docherty said there is no solution that will please everyone. ((CBC))

Local residents have complained for years about noise from park. Now they want an environmental assessment done.

"Anything that causes public concern should have an environmental impact assessment, which is paid for by the proponents," Mike Reid, who has gathered 21 signatures on a petition, told CBC News Tuesday.

"If something like that were [done], and they were able to pass something like that, then I would have no choice but to move away or get used to it."

Area MLA Valerie Docherty presented the petition to the legislature, but said she won't be taking sides. She said there is no solution that will make everyone happy.

"One group will never be happy unless it stops, and the other group will be happy if they can continue with their sport as they've been doing," said Docherty

Assessment possible

Mudrooters closed down voluntarily for a time last summer to deal with a problem of silt running off the site. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans ordered more work done last fall.

Currently federal and provincial officials say the park is complying with all laws.

"I cannot, just based on a petition, put people out of business. Otherwise there would be not many businesses on P.E.I. because everybody would complain against the business beside them to get them shut down," said provincial Environment Minister Richard Brown.

"That's not going to happen here. But I'm willing to do an environmental assessment to make sure all environmental laws are being treated here."

Brown said he'll take the idea back to his department to see if that's necessary.

P.E.I. has no legislation regarding noise, but Brown said measurements have been made and based on legislation in other jurisdictions the noise coming from Mudrooters is not a problem.