A group of 13-year-old musicians is causing a stir on a stage in downtown Charlottetown.

Ripped Paper is the youngest group performing in the Always On Stage concert series on Victoria Row. Festival manager Vino Budan said the band first talked and then played their way on to the stage.

"I don't normally hire younger students but they had something to prove and were very determined," said Budan.

"I gave them a chance and they are very, very good actually for their age."

Bass player Stephan LeClair said he and his bandmates are enjoying their time in the festival.

Ripped Paper

Logan Richard: Lead singer and guitar

Stephan LeClair: bass

Connor Nabuurs: drums

Tanuj Fernando: piano/keyboard

"We get to see people smiling and having a good time and knowing we were a part of that," said LeClair.

As much as she enjoys watching the band, Stephan's mother Anita LeClair said watching the reaction they get is almost as good.

"People were walking by and doing a double take, because they anticipated that it would be grown adults that were playing this music," she said.

"Just to see the expressions on people's faces was funny. Because it was like, 'Oh my goodness! They're 13 years old.'"

The exposure of playing on Victoria Row is also bringing other gigs for the group. Two weeks ago a couple hired Ripped Paper to play at their wedding.

"At the wedding everybody was up and dancing and cheering and it was a different atmosphere," said Anita LeClair.

"The boys were really taking that energy and they just had a great time."

The band plays Tuesdays on Victoria Row and Fridays on the Sydney Street stage.

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