The case of a very sick puppy from Nova Scotia being nursed back to health in Charlottetown is getting a lot of attention around the world via Facebook.

The Atlantic Vet College in Charlottetown is caring for the puppy, a four-month-old StaffordshireTerrier mix called Mojo.  

Dr. Tracy Matthews, of the Atlantic Veterinary College, said the puppy has been in intensive care for a week.    

Even without fur, which has fallen out because of a disease called mange, Mojo is still a little charmer.  

"He's been doing really well," said Matthews. "It's just like in human medicine — a lot of it comes down to the will of the patient to get better and he certainly has that in spades."


Mojo, a surrendered puppy, suffered from a disease called mange that caused all of his fur to fall out. (CBC)

Mojo still has sores on his legs and back but they're healing well under his little pink jacket that perfectly matches his pink skin.

The puppy had been surrendered to the Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society of Clare, N.S. — a private, not-for-profit shelter run by Joey Wagner.

"The look he gave me, I knew that he wanted to live," said Wagner. "So, we did everything we could."  

Wagner's shelter has set up a fundraising campaign through and PayPal to help pay for Mojo's medical bills totalling about $4,000.  

People have donated more than $7,000 so far.  

Wagner said any extra money raised will be used by the shelter to help other animals in need.

"We know that he's going to have a long recovery ahead of him. He will definitely be needing more meds and more care. Once this is done and he is a healthy pup, if there's any left over, it will be put in the Hope for Mojo Fund and we will help others like him," he said.

Wagner has had many adoption offers on Facebook but he said Mojo is not for sale. He said he plans on keeping the puppy.

The AVC said Mojo could be healthy enough for Wagner to take him home within a week.