Liberal MLA Richard Brown is calling on his own government to provide funding to support having police officers in P.E.I. high schools.

A Charlottetown police officer has been working at Colonel Gray high school this year but the private and public funding will run out at the end of the school year.


Having a police officer in the schools helps deter teenagers from drug use and crimes, says Liberal MLA Richard Brown. (Province of P.E.I.)

In the legislature Wednesday, Brown stood up to support funding to keep the officer in Colonel Gray, and expand the program across the province.

"I really believe that this program is working," said Brown.

"The more we can do to prevent drug addiction in the schools, or the more we can do in the schools before they hit the criminal level, it will be a major saving in that area. We're spending $10 million a year on drug addictions after the fact. And we're spending a lot of money on crime. Why can't we just spend a little money on prevention."

Brown said an officer spending just one day a week in a school would make a difference. A number of MLAs from both sides of the house spoke in favour of Brown's idea. One even suggested junior high students could also benefit.

But Justice Minister Janice Sherry said there won't be any new money for this. She said the province already provides enough funding for RCMP and municipal police forces.