After a great summer working in Cavendish I was back in the unemployment line at the end of September.

With the tourism season over, employees of The Resort at Cavendish Corner are looking for other work. Some people have jobs already lined up for the winter months. Others, like me, don't.

Once I knew my lay-off date I started searching the job bank: chose and There has not been much to pick from on any of these sites for weeks.

I recently had an over-the-phone interview with the recruiting conductor of Enterprise Rent-a-Car. The position I was being interviewed for is in the management trainee program with good pay, hours and benefits.

I thought the interview went very well and was told I would hear back soon. That was last Tuesday. Obviously with a management trainee position there are tons of other candidates.

It may take time, so I am currently crossing my fingers and keeping an eye on the job sites just in case this one doesn't work out.