'Awesome' fall tourism campaign spreads to central P.E.I.

A fall tourism promotion in Cavendish called '30 more days of awesome' is expanding to central P.E.I. this year.

Fall tourism promotion first offered in Cavendish now includes central part of P.E.I.

In past years the fair was held during the week. (CCTP Gallery 18)

A fall tourism promotion in Cavendish called "30 More Days of Awesome" is expanding to central P.E.I. this year.

The campaign was first started by Tourism Cavendish Beach in 2012 as a way to let tourists know that many area tourism operators were still open for business in the fall. Reduced rates and packages are offered.

Now the Central Coastal Tourism Partnership has joined in. That means areas such as Brackley Beach, Stanley Bridge,  Kensington and Victoria will now be included.

The hope is that new offerings will translate into even more fall visitors to the Island, said Central Coastal Tourism Partnership president Bob Boyle.

"Central Coastal Tourism Partnership represents from Red Sands to Green Gables, so from the north shore, south shore and everything in between," said Boyle.

"So we thought by partnering with Cavendish we would be able to expand the offering in the fall of more awesome things to do in central P.E.I."

 As part of the promotion, a number of  "certified awesome events" will occur throughout September.

They include an artisan week, an Everything Anne theme, and a Fun on the Water weekend.

There will also be a Retro Weekend featuring the Brackley Drive-In, the Landmark Café, and a retro slumber party package from The Gables of P.E.I.