The Community Park Cemetery in the Brudenell-Montague area is not being looked after properly and it's not clear who is responsible for it, says a P.E.I. woman.

'I can't seem to find who is responsible.' - Pat McGowan

Pat McGowan said the cemetery needs work. Her mother was buried there in 2009 and McGowan visits every day.

"Apart from cutting the grass, there's very little done. The flower beds are not done. There's branches broken and laying there. There's a stone that fell over about four years ago and it's still there. And at the end of the driveway, there's kind of a dump," says McGowan.

"So it's very disappointing and I can't seem to find who is responsible."

McGowan said when she bought four plots, including her mother's, she was told that perpetual upkeep of the grounds was part of the deal.

She also said that no one seems to know what happened to the cemetery maps that show the grave sites.

"One of the gentlemen who is the grave digger, he certainly knows in his head where a lot of the graves are, but he doesn't have access to the maps either," said McGowan.

CBC News called Brudenell community council to find out who was responsible for the old cemetery. They said it's Montague's cemetery. But the town of Montague said it is Brudenell's responsibility.

Meanwhile, the man who cuts grass in the cemetery said the volunteer group the Community Welfare League pays him.

That group said it's forming a new organization to take over the care of the graveyard.