August tourism numbers up from 2011

P.E.I. tourism numbers for August released Friday show an increase over 2011.

Campgrounds, parks and golf course numbers rise significantly

The beautiful summer weather may have had a somewhat positive impact on P.E.I. tourism numbers.

Compared to August, 2011, the total number of room nights sold on P.E.I. in August, 2012 were up by 3.8 per cent. But the number of room nights sold for the year to date is actually down 1.4 per cent from last year.

Island campgrounds also had a very good August. Nights sold were up 7.4 per cent. Non-member rounds at P.E.I. golf courses were also up by 7.4 per cent.

The percentages were even higher in parks across the Island. Provincial park numbers were up by 12.9 per cent and P.E.I. National Park saw 15.4 per cent more visitors this August. But visits to historic sites were down throughout the province. Province House saw 18 per cent fewer visitors, Green Gables was down 3.6 per cent.

There were also fewer people travelling to P.E.I. on Confederation Bridge with a drop of 1.6 per cent. Air traffic was up by 4.9 per cent and ridership on the ferry was up considerably by 6.9 per cent.