The P.E.I. ATV Federation is asking the province for limited access to the Confederation Trail in the western part of the province.

All-terrain vehicles are prohibited on the trail. Federation president Greg Myers said ATV riders want to use the Confederation Trail to travel between local ATV clubs in rural areas of the province.

"There's no access of yet," said Myers.

"The ATV Federation and the club presidents and the local ATV clubs as well, with the provincial government, are working together to try and advance the ATV usage on Prince Edward Island and give ATV riders a place to ride legally so they aren't being chased and causing safety concerns," he said.

Myers said the federation will continue discussions with the provincial government, but Tourism Minister Rob Henderson said in a statement to CBC News there are no plans to change the rules for the Confederation Trail.

"ATV's will continue to be prohibited on the Confederation Trail as it exists today," Henderson said.

"Government will continue to work with ATV groups on issues pertaining to ATV use on the Island."

Myers said riders have to demonstrate they can act responsibly and police themselves before they can expect relaxed rules on where they can ride. He said the federation is working with police and the government on those issues.

The province has asked the federation to provide GPS information on the current ATV trails within the province, Myers said.