Atlantic Canada map

The population of Atlantic Canada is falling, says Statistics Canada. (Google Maps)

With the exception of Prince Edward Island, every province in Atlantic Canada is contributing to an overall decline in the number of people living in the region.

Numbers from Statistics Canada for the second quarter of 2014 show that overall the population in the region has fallen 0.4 per cent since the third quarter of 2012, to 2,364,770.

All the provinces saw growth through 2011, but overall the region's population went into decline in mid-2012. Only P.E.I. has held its own over the last two years. The trends have varied in the other Atlantic provinces, but all have been moving downward.

Province Population - Q3 2012 Population - Q2 2014 Change
N.L 526,841 525,378 -0.3%
P.E.I. 145,165 145,472 +0.2%
N.S. 945,061 939,396 -0.6%
N.B 756,997 754,524 -0.3%

The population of Canada as a whole has continued to grow steadily.