The Plein-Air Festival, a new outdoor art event in eastern P.E.I., kicked off this week.

The Montague-area festival showcases 38 artists who paint their surroundings. Each day, they pick a different location and paint what they see.

Watercolour painter Poppy Balser says there is a downside to painting outside.

"Wind is a challenge, bugs, too much sun — your eyes can get tired if you're looking at white paper for a long time."

And on Wednesday the problem was rain — not the right kind of water for Balser's watercolor painting.

Audrey Bunt

The artists participating in the Montague Plein-Air Festival are a local curiosity, says Audrey Bunt, organizer. (CBC)

Locals were curious about the painters.

"They would take a look and then they would look again. And then they'd go up further there would be someone on the other side, and they'd look again, and you could just see the puzzlement on their faces," said Audrey Bunt organizer of the festival.

"And then eventually you'd have some that would get out of their car and stop and come up and say, 'What are you doing?'"

P.E.I. 2014 provided $21,000 financing.

Organizers hope Plein Air will become a summer tradition.

At the end of the week, the art is judged and the winner receives $1,000.