Some damage to Island strawberries caused by post tropical storm. But overall impact will be minimal.

The president of the P.E.I. Strawberry Growers Association says there was some crop damage during Saturday's storm.

Arnold Nabuurs surveyed his crops on Monday.

He said berries that were ripe and ready to pick were damaged by the wind pushing the stems into the fruit.

He said the damage just affects the look of some of the berries, but they're still edible.

"Picture the way the trees were swaying around when the wind was blowing, I mean the same basic scenario was playing itself out in the strawberry patch," said Nabuurs.

"And if there is any ripe fruit around, those stems and leaves are beating on the fruit and the strawberries are just not strong enough to withstand that kind of punishment."

Nabuurs said the green berries that will be ripe by next week were not affected at all.

So he said the total impact on this years crop will be minimal.