Post-tropical storm Arthur leaves

Damage from Arthur's winds is causing leaves to turn brown. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

Tree leaves around Prince Edward Island are turning brown due to damage from post-tropical storm Arthur earlier this month.

The July 5 storm brought down trees across the region and caused extensive flooding in New Brunswick, but the damage Arthur did to leaves is only just becoming apparent. Matthew Richardson, an arborist with Leard Tree Care in Charlottetown, said he has been getting a lot of calls about the leaves on trees turning brown around the edges.

"I've seen a lot of wind damage to the trees. That's mainly due from the high winds. We didn't have any rain with that storm, either, so where it was really dry, that's what caused the leaves to turn brown," said Richardson.

"It's also a little worse the closer to the water you get, that's from the salt spray. We've been getting a lot of calls, people thinking it's insects, but that's not the case."

He said tropical storms usually hit the Island in September or October. Arthur came much earlier, when everything was green, so the brownish leaves are standing out more.

Richardson added the leaves may fall off sooner than usual, so the autumn may not be as colourful on this Island this year.