Twelve artists from Prince Edward Island will compete Saturday night in Charlottetown.

The first round of "Art Battle" is taking place at the P.E.I. Brewing Company.

The unique competition gives artists 20 minutes to paint the best work of art they can.

Audience members then vote on the winner and bid on the paintings.

Simon Plashkes, co-founder of Art Battle Canada, said about 400 people are expected to come out watch the competition.

"The painter raising his or her brush into the air as the audience cheers is a scene that's been repeated many times through Art Battle history. It’s a real been a joy for us and the whole art battle team and the artists to really transform — what is a very solitary experience — into one akin to rock stardom where you're there and you have a whole audience cheering you on,” said Plashkes

“It's kind of a trip."

Art Battles are held in more than a dozen cities across the country but this is the first time an event has been held on P.E.I.