The joint forces drug unit made a series of arrest in Charlottetown and Halifax this week, breaking up what they call a major drug trafficking ring in Charlottetown.

'Any time you have drug trafficking in your community …it also brings other criminal elements with it ' — RCMP Cpl. Reg Campbell

The arrests began on Monday, and so far include five people from Charlottetown and four from Halifax, whowere brought to P.E.I. to face charges.

"The arrests of this organized drug trafficking ring will have a significant impact on the safety of our communities," RCMP Cpl.Reg Campbell told CBC News Tuesday.

"Any time you have drug trafficking in your community, in addition to the illegal activity of the trafficking of the drugs themselves, it also brings other criminal elements with it as well. So if we're able to dismantle a group, then hopefully we'll be able to cut down on other criminal activities within the community."

The investigation began in June 2005 with 10 to 15 RCMP and municipal police officersfrom P.E.I. and Halifax working on the case. Additional arrests are expected and, before their work is complete, police anticipate more than 100 charges will be laid for possession for the purpose of trafficking and conspiracy to traffic.

The drugs involved are cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and prescription drugs.

One of the people arrested is Derreck Dean Huggan, a man police say is a member of the Bacchus Motorcycle gang located in New Brunswick. Huggan ran the Route 81 shop in Charlottetown, which was raided by police and shut down in May. Some of the charges laid against Huggan Tuesday stem from that operation.