More than 200 delegates from across the country are expected to be in Charlottetown this week for this year's National Pro-Life Conference.


Ann Marie Tomlins would like to see the province of P.E.I. stop funding abortions entirely. (CBC)

Ann Marie Tomlins, president of the P.E.I. Right to Life Association, said she hopes having the conference in Charlottetown will show the P.E.I. government there is support for its position as the only province in Canada where legal abortions aren't performed.

She also hopes delegates will find some inspiration in P.E.I.'s example.

"I think it shows that there is no legal requirement for provinces to provide abortions, there is no legal requirement for hospitals to perform abortions," said Tomlins.

"Because we're holding fast in that regard that's something that people can bring back and see what they can do in their own provinces."

Tomlins said she'd like to see P.E.I. take a step further and stop funding off-Island abortions.

A number of speakers will address the topics of abortion and euthanasia, with sessions running Thursday through Saturday. Most sessions are open to the public.