New anti-abortion posters have been taped up around Charlottetown's downtown.

The posters show a drawing of a fetus with a speech bubble saying "Hey Wade, do I get a say in this?" with the phrase "Pre-Born Human Rights Now" directly below.

Nicole Dupuis, Executive Director of PEI Right to Life Association, says the posters are not an initiative of her group and says while she doesn't know who put them up, she does support them.

"I was really excited. I thought they were a really creative use of a cartoon pre-born child to call on Premier Wade MacLauchlan to protect the pre-born children who are dismembered and destroyed every day by abortion in Canada," she said.

Dupuis said PEI Right to Life may consider using the posters for future campaigns.


The posters show a fetus and appeal to premier Wade MacLauchlan. (Submitted)

Posters appear to be response to pro-choice posters

The posters appear to be a counter-point to posters that appeared in January, which also used the slogan "Hey Wade" — but appealed to the premier for abortion access on the Island.

Those posters were linked to an anonymous social media account that used the handle "iamkarats."

Abortion Access Now PEI was not linked to those posters, but supports their message. 

"I guess it's very flattering to Abortion Access Now and it's very flattering to the "iamkarats" campaign that anti-choice work would try to mimic it. So I guess it's a back-handed compliment," said co-chair Colleen MacQuarrie.

"They're using a very well-worn trope within anti-choice quarters, that they've erased the woman entirely from their messaging," she said.

One of the posters was taped to the Voluntary Resource Centre, where members of Abortion Access Now PEI work.


One poster was posted on the Voluntary Resource Centre in Charlottetown. (Submitted)

MacQuarrie said she wasn't surprised that it would be targeted.

"Putting a poster up in a place in which we work, that's pretty standard," she said.