Anonymous letter warns of pedophile in trailer park

Police are investigating an anonymous letter sent to residents of a Charlottetown trailer park warning of a pedophile living in the neighbourhood.

Police are investigating after an anonymous letter was sent to residents of a Charlottetown trailer park last week warning of a pedophile in the neighbourhood.

The letter, which the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper said was dropped into mailboxes, stated: "We are writing to inform you about a pedophile in the trailer park. Please be careful of the kids. Thanks."

Prince Edward Island does have protocols in place to inform people of high-risk offenders in the community, said Richard Collins, deputy police chief for Charlottetown, but no such warnings have been issued in the city.

And such alerts are usually only done under special circumstances and aren't routine, he added.

"What we're trying to determine now is first and foremost is someone living there, if so where specifically, identify who they are, and then make a determination as to whether or not they are a sex offender and then make a determination as to what level of risk they may pose," Collins told the Guardian.

Police did not say how the letter writer knew of the alleged pedophile's existence, but they did caution neighbours not to jump to conclusions until their investigation is complete.

There are 33 registered sex offenders in P.E.I.