Ticket sales for Anne of Green Gables: The Musical, the world's longest running musical, have dropped precipitously over the last decade.

Anne of Green Gables ticket sales
2004 55,131
2005 45,810
2006 37,281
2007 36,718
2008 46,493
2009 28,905
2010 19,998
2011 23,024
2012 23,321
2013 21,710

Confederation Centre in Charlottetown has revealed to CBC News that in 2004 the show packed in more than 55,000 people. By 2013, that number had fallen to less than 22,000.

At the same time the number of shows staged has also dropped, from 99 shows in 2004 to 42 shows in 2013. The average house size was 557 in 2004. In 2013 it was 516 people.

Centre CEO Jessie Inman said the numbers are a concern.

"Any drop in sales is concerning for me. So we're looking at it and keeping a close eye on it," said Inman.

"I think there's many factors that have impacted on it recent years; There's just more competition out there, We're just coming out of a recession, there's been the dollar change with the United States."

Inman believes celebrations around the musical's 50th anniversary this summer will boost attendance, as well as publicity around Anne being named the Guinness World Record holder for longest-running annual musical earlier this year.

Inman also hopes the musical's recent release on iTunes will renew interest. They also plan to run a TV commercial for the first time in recent years. Inman said the Centre is talking with the province about more emphasis on marketing P.E.I. as a destination for performing arts.

Special promotions have had some apparent impact on ticket sales over the last 10 years. There was a boost in 2008 during centenary celebrations for Lucy Maud Montgomery's original book, and again in 2011, when the production was redesigned.

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