The producers of Anne and Gilbert, a musical sequel to Anne of Green Gables, are investing in specialty projection technology for a new staging of the show in Charlottetown.

Anne and Gilbert ran in Summerside from 2007 to 2011, but did not return in 2012 due to high costs and declining audiences. The musical returns to P.E.I. this year at the Guild in Charlottetown, a much smaller venue.

Producer Campbell Webster said the new set will include a tall video screen behind the players, along with a projection system that will help create special effects, designed by Dalhousie University's Nick Bottomley.

"He can do things with lights, for example he can make it snow with light, and he can make apple blossoms fall from the trees in a certain beautiful scene that's part of the show, with light so they're all these kinds of beautiful things that will be happening that will contribute to the magic and joy that is this show," said Webster.

The projection system will cost $80,000, with the cost covered by $50,000 in grants from all three levels of government and a $30,000 federal loan. The production is also receiving commercial sponsorship.

The Guild will be set up with 160 seats. Webster would not say how many seats he will have to sell over the summer season in order to break even.