Several frustrated Islanders say they've been cheated by a wedding photographer and they’re considering legal action.

Seven months after their big day, the only photos that Brittany Stephen Wright and Larissa Newell have of their respective weddings are ones that they’ve printed off themselves.

"We can print maybe a four by six, but anything above that, the quality is just crap. So when I'm thinking of blowing up pictures in my house and having my memories displayed — to not be able to have that, you know he stole from us," said Stephen Wright.

Wright and Newell have learned there are at least a handful of others feeling the same way about photographer Peter Tzagarakis.

They claim Tzagarakis took their wedding photos late last summer, at a cost of more than $2,000 for a full set of high quality edited photos, blown up prints, photo albums and thank you cards.

The newlyweds all say all they’ve gotten in return are low resolution pictures on a disk or website and one empty promise after another over email.

"He'd send me one and say, ‘You'll  have everything in two days.’  Two days would pass, nothing. And again the emails would start," said Stephen Wright.  

Larissa Newell got married Sept. 22.

"He'll say, ‘Oh you'll have your full set within four to five weeks and four to five weeks pass, months pass, you never hear from him," said Newell.

Tzagarakis said all this has happened because of a series of unfortunate circumstances.

He said his wife became ill and that in December, they had to pack up and move to Alberta for treatment.

He said after that his photography business was audited. Earlier this month, the business went bankrupt.

"Partly because of the moving expenses, the medical expenses, and the fact the business was shut down. When there's no income coming in, your business ends," said Tzagarakis.

Other customers, future brides like Amanda Dean are frustrated. She hired Tzagarakis to shoot her wedding this summer and has paid her $300 deposit.

Tzagarakis told CBC he won't be working any weddings this summer, though he hasn’t said that to Dean.

"It's very upsetting. I have emails saying he would follow through with all he had said," she said.

"Communication has been a bit of an issue and it's partly because of where I've been located. I have not had access to the internet or phone," said Tzagarakis

Some of the brides said they are looking at taking Tzagarakis to small claims court.

Stephen Wright said she’s also looking back on how she could have avoided this scenario.

"Maybe looking at referrals a little more closely, and definitely would ask family members to take more pictures themselves, so there's a backup just in case your photographer goes rogue," she said.

Tzagarakis said he will contact each client individually to try to work something out, though he said he may not be able to deliver everything they've paid for.