A special tribute is taking place Wednesday at Evangeline School in western P.E.I. for the late Angèle Arsenault.

Angele Arsenault - custom

Angéle Arsenault died last week. (Angele Arsenault)

The famous Canadian singer, who was one of the first graduates from the school, died last Tuesday.

Vice principal Darlene Arsenault credits Angèle Arsenault with putting the Evangeline region of P.E.I. on the map.

Students are being asked to wear yellow or have a star on their clothing in memory of Arsenault's song There is a Star for Every One of Us.

"We are going to listen to her songs. There are some people who are going to talk about her, her biography," said Arsenault.

"Everybody is going to have a star and we're going to be writing her name on the star and then putting it on a shooting star that we have made up on our cafeteria wall. And the students may be writing a word or two that represents what they feel about Angèle and how they connect to her."

The event is being organized by the school and the community.

Angèle Arsenault was a member of the Order of Canada and Order of Prince Edward Island.