Two Amish families are heading back to southern Ontario Friday morning after spending most of the week on P.E.I., looking for a new place to live.

Anthony Wallbank

Anthony Wallbank expects there will be a small Amish community on P.E.I. within the next couple of years. (CBC)

Anthony Wallbank is a friend of several members of Ontario's Amish community, and drove some of them to the Island to look at farm properties. Wallbank said many younger Amish men are looking to start up their own farms, but affordable, fertile farmland is scarce in Ontario.

On P.E.I., he said, there's lots of land at a tenth of the price.

"Twenty or 30 or any number of Amish families could come here and they could find farms the size that they're looking for," said Wallbank.

"The farmland is nicely sloped, well drained.  They could come here and they could farm the way they're used to farming in southern Ontario."

Wallbank said he will likely return to P.E.I. with another Amish group next month, and he would not be surprised if a handful of families move to the province within the next couple of years.