Motorists in eastern P.E.I. are being asked to watch for a different kind of vehicle on the roads as the first Amish couple has arrived in the area, and with them, a horse and buggy. 

Brad Oliver, a local realtor, helped the pair move in to their new home in Summerville last week. All four parents of the couple are expected to arrive Tuesday. 

Oliver said another group also plans to set up in Dundas. 

"In Dundas, there's like 25 people coming, not all coming to stay. Some are coming to stay in farms they have bought already, others are coming to look, but this is the start of two distinct communities for sure. It's on," said Oliver.


A road sign alerts motorists to be aware of Amish vehicles on the road near Pooles Corner. (Gary Power)

These two new communities are going to be closely watched by other Amish from Ontario, he said. 

"And when they have success, and I know they will have success ... we'll have more coming."

The Amish are moving from small towns outside Woodstock and Kitchener-Waterloo in Ontario because of the affordable real estate on the Island.

Some stores in Montague, P.E.I. are getting ready for an influx of Amish shoppers this summer — including installing hitching posts.

The Town of Montague is also looking at accommodating local Amish. It's currently updating its official plan and zoning bylaw.

The town is considering adding provisions to designate streets near Main Street for buggy use and appropriate off-street areas for horse and buggy storage.


With files from Jessica Doria-Brown