A new almanac from the Public Archives and Records Office is telling the story of life on P.E.I. 150 years ago.

The almanac goes month by month through important events from 1864, the year of the Charlottetown Conference that led to Confederation.

It looks at agriculture, politics and fashion through the lens of diaries, newspapers and other records.

'I'm hoping that in 150 years, people ... will look back and will want to know what we were doing.' - Archivist Jill MacMicken-Wilson

Provincial archivist Jill MacMicken-Wilson said it was challenging to find details of life that far in the past.

“We hear an awful lot about the politics of the time with the conference, but not so much about daily life,” she said.

“We only have one really good photo album of images from that time period, because it was early days in photography, and the technology hadn’t quite made it here yet. It was expensive.”

The province printed 1,000 almanacs and will put copies in the libraries and hand them out as prizes at celebratory events for 2014.

Free online version

You can also download it for free from the public archives website. High demand made the e-book version unavailable Thursday night, but a PDF version is online.

MacMicken-Wilson hopes it inspires Islanders to record their own lives so that archivists marking the 300th anniversary in the year 2163 will have plenty to work with.

“The way that we found out about 1864 was they did record their thoughts, and I'm hoping that in 150 years, there will be people also interested in history and [they] will look back and will want to know what we were doing.”