Some councillors in Alberton want the province to take responsibility for all snow clearing for the town.

Other towns are fully plowed by the province, but Alberton gets a provincial grant to handle snow removal instead.

The town would be better off if the province was in charge, said Coun. Natasha Dunn.

"It's been quite an issue for the Town of Alberton to co-ordinate snow removal efforts between the Town and the province. And if the province had the whole contract maybe these things wouldn't happen."

But there are advantages to keeping control of snow removal, said Mayor Mike Murphy who is in favour of an increased grant.

"The advantage would be that we wouldn't have to go deeper into our own bottom line to pay for it. And I guess probably it would give you a little more say on what areas you cover, instead of not having any say in it," Murphy said.

The town is currently renegotiating the agreement with the province.