Holland College president Brian McMillan says the program will provide another way for family and friends to help out students. (Holland College)

Holland College students and their families can now use Aeroplan miles to help cover tuition.

The college recently signed on to the program. 
Under the program, Aeroplan miles can be donated to an individual student.

Donations are made in increments of $250. 
For every 35,000 Aeroplan miles, a $250 credit is issued to a student named by the donor. 

Holland College president Brian McMillan said some people would like to be able to help out a family member or friend who is attending a post-secondary institution, but may not have cash on hand to do so. He said this program gives them an opportunity to help.

Plans are also underway to enable donors to contribute to the Holland College Foundation. 

UPEI signed a similar agreement earlier this year.