A P.E.I. pro-choice group says some Island women continue to run into roadblocks trying to get an abortion, and are turning to them for help.


Even without advertising or a dedicated phone, women are finding the Abortion Rights Network and asking for help, says Colleen MacQuarrie. (CBC)

Colleen MacQuarrie of the Abortion Rights Network told CBC News this week even though her group doesn't advertise, doesn't have a phone number or even a web page, 20 women have emailed the group in the past three months looking for help.

"They still somehow find us. We're really concerned about how many women must be falling through the cracks because we're not easy to find," said MacQuarrie.

"She contacts us when the system has broken down, and a physician has refused to give her any information, or she gets a referral but she has absolutely no money and no way of getting [to Halifax for an abortion]."

MacQuarrie said the P.E.I. Medical Society should provide more information for doctors on what to do if they don't want to refer a woman to have an abortion in Halifax.

"I was hopeful that with the attention that happened in 2011-2012, and specifically with the Medical Society instructing physicians that they can no longer turn women away, that physicians must at least give women referral information," she said.

"I'm surprised women are still not getting that."

Having women provided with the information they need at the doctor's office would be big step in the right direction said MacQuarrie. She also would like to see more information on the availability of medical abortions by prescription on P.E.I.

Ultimately, MacQuarrie wants abortions to be made available to women on the Island.