The federal health minister says the new Trudeau government will look for ways to equalize access to abortion services, which are "patchy" in Canada. 

Liberal Cabinet 20151104

The federal government firmly supports a woman's right to choose when it comes to abortion, says Health Minister Jane Philpott. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

"We know that abortion services remain patchy in parts of the country, and that rural women in particular face barriers to access," said Jane Philpott in a statement, in response to an inquiry from CBC News.

"Our government will examine ways to better equalize access for all Canadian women."

No further details on the government's plans were provided.

P.E.I. is the only province that does not provide abortion services. It does pay for abortions performed in a hospital out of province.

The Liberal Party passed a resolution in 2012, when the Conservatives were in power, that said the federal government should financially penalize provinces that do not provide abortion services.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Philpott, a family physician who became an Ontario MP, as health minister after the Oct. 19 federal election.