A routine inspection of a Chinese restaurant in Charlottetown this summer found eight violations.

The inspection of Wayne's Chinese Take Out took place on July 4.


All of the health violations at Wayne's Chinese Take Out have been corrected, say environmental health officials. (CBC)

"The inspectors felt that cleaning was immediately required," said senior environmental health officer Ryan Neale.

"The inspectors noted that a number of the food items were not being covered therefore they were open to contamination. Utensils had been stored in an unsanitary manner. Food was left out at improper temperatures for an extended period of time which required that food to be discarded. There was a lack of handwashing being observed during the inspection."

Neale also said the screen door at the back of the restaurant was missing and that could have allowed insects or other pests to get in.

All the violations have been corrected, said Neale, and many were fixed within hours of the problems being identified.

The owner declined comment when contacted by CBC News.