In the next few days, dozens of cats will be travelling from California to P.E.I., rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Palm Springs.


Melissa Parsons holds three rescue cats. (Submitted by Melissa Parsons)

The 52 cats are being shipped by the Animal Rescue Corps. They've been working with Melissa Parsons, a second-year student at the Atlantic Vet College and a member of P.E.I.'s Cat Action Team. Parsons has already found homes for the west-coast felines.

"[It's not] something where we're taking away homes from cats in the Maritimes," she said.

"A lot of the people took an extra cat where they weren't normally. They weren't seeking another cat, so I don't think they were going to go to the humane society and adopt. I don't think they were on Kijiji looking for a cat that was being given away. I think that they took an extra cat, just because they knew that this was a desperate situation."

Parsons said if any of the owners decide not to keep the cat the animal will be returned to her and she will find the pet a new home.

She said she doesn't plan to bring any more cats to P.E.I.