50-metre turbine blades on the roads in Kings County

Trucks carrying extra long loads will be on the roads in eastern P.E.I. Friday.

Blades to be installed at wind farm in Hermanville

A wind turbine blade more than 50 metres long sits on a truck after being unloaded from a ship in Georgetown. It will be moved to Hermanville Friday for installation at a new wind farm. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

Trucks carrying extra long loads will be on the roads in eastern P.E.I. Friday.

They're hauling 15 turbine blades for the wind-power farm now under construction in Hermanville, near Souris. Each blade is more than 50 metres long.

Crews began hauling the fibreglass blades Thursday morning from Georgetown, where they arrived by ship. The trucks will travel through Cardigan and along Routes 4, 2 and 305.

"That will make up the final blade delivery for the project and that will mean all components are on site with the exception of one piece of a tower, which will arrive next week," said project manager Carl Brothers.

"We in the province of Prince Edward Island put the first three megawatt project up six years ago at East Point. This will be again the largest turbine utilized in any project in Canada."

Crews will start attaching the blades to the towers this weekend.


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