Five people were rescued off P.E.I.'s North Shore in three separate incidents over the last few days.

Two swimmers with flotation devices got into deep water near Tracadie Harbour Sunday.

The chief of the North Shore Fire Department said the swimmers used floatation devices to swim out, but the rough surf made it impossible for them to get back to shore on their own.

A private boater in the area picked them up and took them back to land.

On Saturday, two kayakers got caught up in rough weather off Blooming Point.

The pair were carried east by the current and could not make it back to shore. Local fire crews were called to the scene a little before 1 p.m.

They were rescued by someone on a personal watercraft, and fire crews were not needed.

Boy rescued last week

A P.E.I. teenager is being celebrated by her friends and family for saving a drowning child.

Emily Scott was swimming at Twin Shores Thursday, when she saw a young boy struggling to stay afloat, and yelling for help.

"No one was really around him and no one was doing anything so I just kind of swam out and got him," Scott told CBC News.

"He was yelling for help and his head was going under and it didn't really look like he was breathing too well. I guess it was just my reflex and I just got him, it was pretty scary."

The 15-year-old pulled the boy to shore, where his mother was waiting.

Scott said the beach was busy, but the boy had swum out far from the shore.

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