The P.E.I. government has sent letters to five communities around the province to see if they are interested in having a privately-run liquor store.

The province announced in the budget it intended to expand liquor sales with what it called agency stores, and introduced legislation this week to allow that.

It has sent letters to councils in Cavendish, Kinkora, the Murray River-Murray Harbour area, the Eldon-Belfast area, and the East Royalty-Marshfield area.

"The liquor control commission did a review of where they thought some potential locations would be that would have minimal impact upon the existing retail stores that we manage," said Robbie Henderson, the minister responsible for the liquor commission.

"Basically as government we said we'd proceed with five more."

There is already one agency store in Morrell, and Henderson said the liquor commission is in negotiations with that operator to see if a five-year deal can be worked out to keep that store going.

Henderson could not say when the other agency stores will open.